Snowdonia modern travel poster.

Snowdonia national park. A  hillwalking and adventure paradise full of mystery and legend.

Perfect as a gift for you, your family or friends as a reminder of a special place or a great holiday spent in Wales. Our Welsh posters will look great on any wall, in any room of the house!

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Snowdonia National Park travel poster

Snowdonia is amazing. The mountains of north Wales offer a superb variety of hikes, Snowdonia is a hillwalking and adventure paradise.

The Welsh name ‘Yr Wyddfa’ means grave and it is believed that the giant Rhita Gawr was buried on the mountain. ‘Snowdon’ comes from Saxon “snow dune” meaning “snow hill”.

Six million people visit every year!

Welsh 3000s

Within Snowdonia, you will find 15 mountains that reach over 3000ft (914.4m), including the highest peak in England and Wales, Snowdon at 3559 ft (1085m). They are also close enough to each other, that it is possible to reach all 15 within 24 hours, a challenge known as the Welsh 3000s.

Excalibur in Snowdonia

Excalibur – Arthur’s famous sword – you know the one in a lake – is it really in a Snowdonia lake?

There are at least three Welsh lakes that claim to contain Arthur’s magical sword, Excalibur. Llydaw, Dinas and Ogwen lakes, all in heart of the Snowdonia National Park claim to be the resting place of King Arthur’s sword. In fact King Arthur is heavily associated with Snowdonia. Cegin Arthur and Ffynnon Arthur carry his name and there are lots of myths associated with caves in Snowdonia tell of a sleeping Arthur who awaits the call to return with his men to rescue Wales.

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Relive and cherish your holiday memories of Snowdon, Snowdonia with this beautiful piece of art.’s collection of modern prints and posters from across Wales draws inspiration from the classic travel and railway posters of the 1930s. Welsh posters are modern & fresh reminders of your favourite Welsh places.

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