Stunning Panels

Make an impact

Our Stunning, elegant metal display panels are a perfect way to show off our lovely Welsh Posters.

With no glass or plastic between you and the print, these panels really show off the vibrant colours.

The aluminium metal print is super thin and lightweight, therefore, can be hung on any wall.

Using a state-of-the-art printing technique, the inks are permanently bonded to a coating of the aluminium using heat and pressure – resulting in exceptionally vibrant colours that are very durable.

The geeky description of these prints is a photographic print is printed onto a thin aluminium sheet and then bonded to a core of polyethylene. A non-geeky description is that they are sort of like canvases – the wall acts as the “mount”, they have a drop shadow as they sit out from the wall, but they are so much better than canvases – colours are super vibrant, the look is cleaner and more modern and they are finger poke resistant.

In fact they are weather- and water- resistant, making it suited for bathrooms, kitchen or even outdoors.

Metal Prints arrive ready to hang with aluminium rails attached to the back for easy installation out of the box.