Unbranded Travel Poster


Would you like your posters without any mention of Welsh Posters at the bottom of the poster?


Welsh Posters branding removed from poster. We can remove the Welsh Posters makers mark from our posters.

Removing the branding is just £10 per item – BUT if you spend over £60 any items can be unbranded for FREE. The small downside is that these posters will be custom printed – so delivery times will be extended by 4/5 days.

1 Medium Poster or 1 Framed Medium Poster – Unbranded cost – £10

2 Medium Posters – Unbranded cost – £20

3 Medium Posters – Unbranded cost – £0

2 Framed Medium Posters – Unbranded cost £0

Add this “unbranded product” just once to your cart if your cart UNLESS ordering two posters. You might find it easier to not add this product and instead confirm in the notes section that you’d like UNBRANDED (£0) as long as your order qualifies that will work.

See examples below

3 Posters – 1 unbranded product = Free unbranded posters (for all three)

2 Posters – needs 2 unbranded items = £20 unbranded fee (for the same price you could have three unbranded ones)