SNOWDONIA Travel Poster


Snowdonia modern travel poster.

The beautiful Snowdonia national park. 823 square miles of breathtaking welsh beauty

Perfect as a gift for you, your family or friends as a reminder of a special place or a great holiday spent in Wales. Our Welsh posters will look great on any wall, in any room of the house!

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Snowdonia travel poster

Mountains, castles and coast Snowdonia is the biggest of Wales’ three National Parks.

The Hiking and Walking in Snowdonia is amazing. Whether you are an adventurous mountain goat wanting to bag as many peaks as possible or more a leisure walker there is something for everyone.

Mount Snowdon

Mt Snowdon itself is what many people think of when you say Snowdonia, and fair enough it’s impressive – Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa in Welsh) is the highest mountain in Wales and England. 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level. There are many routes up this majestic mountain. Snowdon Mountain Railway is one way up and has been described as one of the most wonderful railway journeys in the world. If you aren’t taking the train up, there are 6 main routes up, whichever route you decide on is a challenging 6-8 hour hike, with little shelter from the elements. This is not something to undertake without some proper mountain gear.

Mountains are fickle things. What starts off as a sunny day at the bottom can rapidly turn into ice-cold winds, heavy rain and thick mist halfway up.

There are many lakes around Snowdon, and this poster takes in one of these looking across to Snowdon.

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Relive and cherish your holiday memories of Snowdon, Snowdonia with this beautiful piece of art.’s collection of modern prints and posters from across Wales draws inspiration from the classic travel and railway posters of the 1930s. Welsh posters are modern & fresh reminders of your favourite Welsh places.

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